26 November 2008

Proving My Point, One Shopping Trip at a Time

This, in front of the local Petco store. Note: she did not have a handicapped license plate or hangtag. Also note: she was buying things in the "Bird" section of the store.

Furthermore, at a regular, four-way intersection I pass through fairly frequently there is a sign hanging on the stop light arm: WAIT FOR GREEN LIGHT. Since, obviously, Pennsylvania drivers need a reminder.

I rest my case.

19 November 2008

Hey Google, Mind Your Own *(*#$&# Business!

Last night I was washing my face before I went to bed. And as I was drying it off, I noticed a slight dark spot on my cheek. Something about the size of a pencil eraser and about 3-4 shades darker than my normal pale self. Said spot is something that I've never noticed before. Oh damn...wtf?! So I shrieked for Dr. Nate and made him come in and look at it to tell me what he thought this spot was.

Incidentally, once I told him that I'd stab him in the eye if he said it was an age spot, he started laughing hysterically and continued laughing for the next 20 minutes. Thanks, dear, sweet husband with whom I am stuck for the rest of our lives. Jerk.

So this morning has been spent furiously Googling "medical spas doylestown pa" to find a place where highly-paid professionals will make this spot go away. However, I think Google just needs to keep its opinion to itself. Along the right side of paid ads are a list of various spas and such in our area. But the bottom ad was this:

Professional Therapy. Call Us Today
Get Private In House Counseling!
Doylestown, PA

Shut up, Google. I don't need your snarky commentary.

11 November 2008

New Wheels

I finally found the time to get the pictures off the digital camera an on to the computer. And I also realized that we now have a generation of people who will no longer have happy memories of vacations, holidays, and birthdays. They will, instead, look back fondly on 001_352-0088-001, nov200125_001, and asd_11142_2008.

Hell yes, it's a manual.

Dr. Nate in his "I Am The Stig" shirt

07 November 2008